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More of me, 2005-10-18, 06:38

Today when we dropped off P. I found out that last night she had her dog put down. I was shocked as she'd never mentioned that he was sick and we'd seen him just yesterday when we picked up P. When I got back into the car, I mentioned it to D. and we tried to figure out why (M. had just said it was a long story and she didn't want to talk about it). Perhaps he was sick and we didn't know. Perhaps he got hit by a car. Perhaps he bit one of the kids yesterday after we left. I don't know.

I wonder will P. realize that the dog is gone. They didn't have much interaction, but did have some. P. knew him. Luckily for us we don't need to explain to him about death. For him, people being in your life one minute and gone the next is normal. Time has little meaning for him unless it's time waiting to get his straw cup, get fed or time with toys. When we leave nanny and poppys house saying 'we'll be back in a week' doesn't mean anything to him. So right now, death doesn't either. Which is good. I wonder how the other parents with older children fared with this.

Outside of those wonderings, things are good. We're starting to wean P. and it's HARD. The goal right now is to get him to sleep through the night with no milk. He wakes up once to feed during the night and occasionally wakes up when we go to bed. Last night I got him to go back to sleep when he woke up when we went to bed - I went to sleep quite proud of myself! However, his middle of the night feeding was a feeding and not a comfort time. He goes 'ah, ah, ah!' like he's in pain and it's so hard to deny him what I have right there. But it has to be done. First we start with the night feeding and then I have to try to stop feeding him to sleep. Harder than you'd imagine.

Past all of that, things are good around here. We're just paddling along and enjoying the ride, for the most part. Friday my cousins are coming over to my parents house to celebrate a graduation that was a long time coming. One of my cousins finally got his degree, after many years of trying. This is a testament to not only persistance, but also how hard it is to finish a degree when you're working full time and doing your courses by distance. I'm very proud of him. He and his sister and one of their brothers will be partying out at my parents house, along with the brothers girlfriend, his two kiddies, my aunt and uncle and my parents. I think P. is going to have a wonderful time running around and showing off his toys to everyone. It'll be a fun night.

BTW, this is another e-mail entry. I'm hoping the formatting is ok with this one.




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