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The Ick Dance awards - kinda really gross, 2005-10-21, 06:55

I am going to present the 'Ick Dance' awards. These awards are in honour of the dance you do when something totally icks you out. The music you dance to is usually performed by you in the form of 'Uugggguuuuuuuuaahhhhhhhh!'. And here goes:

Second runner up: My mom and her 'Mouse in the crutons box' dance. Mom was cleaning out the cupboards as she found some mouse poop on the bottom shelf. She cleaned the bottom one. She found poop on the second one and cleaned it. She found poop on the third one and cleaned it, wondering how mice get up that far. She then cleaned out the top one and found poop and holes in the boxes. She was taking out the boxes and throwing out things that had mice gnaw marks in them when she looked in the crouton box and there was the mouse. She did the ick dance, threw down the box. The mouse went one way and she went the other. They have since caught it.

First runner up: Me and the 'Bug in the toothbrush dance'. Occasionally there is a hair in my toothbrush. That happens - I have long hair and one or two fall out all the time. I noticed one when I was putting toothpaste on my toothbrush. However, it was not a hair, but an earwig anntena, connected to the earwig who'd lodged himself in between the bristles. Ick, ick, ick.

WINNER (or loser): Someone I don't know and the 'Rat in the bread' dance. A lady locally bought a loaf of bakers bread from a large bakery. It was unsliced. She was eating her way through it and found a rat. There was a picture in the paper. Yuck.

Honourable mention: Finding a big spider in the car.

Misplaced entry: The worried dance I make when I realize that the alternator or the battery in the car may be dying. Either that or the car is not liking being started up when it's cold or wet. It's the 'Have no money, can't travel' dance.

And that's that. Now go and tell vividdreamer how damn cute her child is. I will as soon as I log in at home.

This e-mail entry thing is working out well.




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