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Skirt Shopping, 2006-01-31, 11:22

Well, I won almost a hundred dollars. What to do, what to do?

Since I'm so boring, the first thought was to put it on my visa. Makes sense. Responsible, safe, wise.

But then..... I thought that I'd buy the wool to make this. I like it, it looks fun and comfy and could be useful. But, yesterday in the car I realized that I won't wear it, I don't have time to knit it and I have all kinds of expensive wool that I'm using to make this and I really want to make it. So I'm going to.

But that left the almost 100$. What to do, what to do.....

So I went to Old Navy and thrilled in the fact that the skirt I love online was there - this one. In the gold. A skirt that I liked less - this one was also there. I tried them both.

So..... the gold one looked worse on me than it did on the hanger. Much worse. The size down from my regular sizes fit (and it has no stretch), so that was thrilling, but not a reason to buy it. However, the other skirt was nice. A little odd on top - it fits around the belly and is big in the waist and the bum - but with a long shirt like this - which I also bought - it looks great. And I can wear it with tights for winter, or with sandles for summer. I just need to get these and I'll be thrilled with the outfit. But they weren't available yet.

Yay shopping!!!




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