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Finally updating, 2006-04-14, 8:19 p.m.

It's break!!!
Easter break, spring break, April break - who cares becaue it's break time!!!
Work has been tough and all consuming lately. I don't have a computer at my desk any more - it died - and it really impacts my mood. But I'm home from work for a week, my brother is back for a week, my sister is back for two. It's wonderful.
At the moment, I want a snack. A nice crunchy snack. Like popcorn or rice cakes. Not even chips, but something yummy and crunchy.
Going to the gym is going well. I've been eating ok as well, but the gym is more useful. And I'm now pretty much down to the size I was aiming for for this summer. Almost there. Which is wonderful.
P. is not yet weaned. This is causing some issues because I go to D.C. in a little over a month. Here's hoping that it goes ok. I applied for a job to be a mom blogger and talk about the extended breastfeeding issues, but I didn't get it (at least I don't think so - I should have heard something by now!). So perhaps I should address them here more. I think I'll post my application blogging entries. Anyone who's planning to have a child and don't want loads of issues with weaning, wean them before they can ask for it. Just so you know.
Past that all, things are decent. I'm really looking forward to going to DC. I'm really enjoying my job. I have a couple new pretty skirts. And I need to update far more often.




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