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One to three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve!, 2005-04-04, 11:08 a.m.

D. and I had a 'I know everyone says this, but my child really is a genius' moment last night.
We were all sitting down at the table and D. asked P. to give him five. So P. hit his hand five times. He asked again, and again P. hit his hand five times.
We looked at each other, figuring it was a coincidence. So D. looked at him and asked for four.
P. hit his hand four times.
By now, we're a little freaked out. D. just held out his hand and made no indications to stop hitting his hand. And so we tried again. D. asked for three.
P. hit his hand three times.
By now, we were freaked out. He was counting! It was amazing. So D. asked for two.
P. hit his hand six times.
It don't know if it was a coincidence or what, but it was a little freaky. Actually, more than a little freaky. Our baby counted! Or not.
He really is a genius, just in case you were wondering. He's ahead in poop smells and climbing things he's not supposed to. The counting can wait.




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