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The backbiting begins, 2005-10-23, 7:05 p.m.

This weekend we had a party for my cousin who recieved his degree after working for it for a long time. During supper, the story that always comes up came up. I figured that those of you who weren't at the supper need a chance to learn it as well.
My cousin is several months younger than I - my birthday is in the fall, his is in the spring. He has a younger sister as well, who is a year or two younger than him. Given that we lived only two hours away from each other and our moms (who are sisters) were close, we saw each other a lot. We also would occasionally vacation together, going to our moms hometown and visiting grandparents. This particular story happens when we were both four (I think).
We were in my moms hometown. My aunt had brought a multicoloured pad of paper and had given my cousin D., his little sister (also a cousin D.) and me several sheets to play with. I had to go to the bathroom and left my paper in the room. When I came back, my cousin was writing on my pad of paper (drawing snowflakes I recall). I took my paper back. He complained. I told him he had his own. He said his mom gave it to us so he could do what he wanted. I said no. So he bit me. Hard. On the back.
What's a four year old to do? I cried. Loud. Hard. He began crying because he knew he was in trouble. His sister began crying because we were crying. Our mothers ran into the room scared out of their minds. Three screaming kids who couldn't really say what was wrong.
It all got sorted out and I remember hugs. I remember no one really got in trouble (even though it was obviously his fault!). The vacation continued and thus, a legend was born.
Congrats again cuz. I'm proud of you. And because of you we had cake!




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