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Boring, 2005-02-20, 6:27 p.m.

Life has been progressing at it's normal frentic pace. We've been watching P. grow in ways that amaze me- he says five words, walks while holding onto things and claps all the time. We're trying to make the transition to chunkier foods . Barriers don't hold him back as he climbs over everything. He's still breastfeeding and still sleeping with us, but that's all developing fairly well.
I'm working out more often, I'm getting used to using linux, I'm knitting. I finished my first sweater and it turned out badly. But I'm working on other projects and they're going well. So it's all good. My aunt gave me a bunch of wool today, which is great.
My friend L. had her baby - her third child and first boy. That's the most exciting thing - a new beautiful person in the world.
Wow this is a boring entry. I really need to figure out how to upload pictures with no usb and in linux.




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