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Don't want to be a boy today...., 2002-06-18, 6:44 a.m.

I have a nice little winamp set loaded right now. It consists of:

    Buffalo Tom - Witches
    Alanis Morissette - Utopia (not sure if this is Alanis, but I like the song :)
    Ani DiFranco - fire door
    Ben Folds Five - Brick
    Biff Naked - Spaceman
    Catie Curtis - Heroes
    Catie Curtis - The Wolf
    The Cranberries - Dreaming My Dreams
    The Cranberries - When You're Gone
    The Cranberries - Will You Rememb
    The Flashing Lights - Highschool
    Fiona Apple - Across The Universe
    Hole - Awful
    Indigo Girls - Power Of Two
    Jale - Ali
    Jale - Jesus Loves Me
    Liz Phair - Girls! Girls! Girls!
    Lyle Lovett - Bears
    The Murmurs - You Suck
    Tori Amos - Pretty Good Year

The last song, 'Pretty Good Year' is reminding me of someone I once knew. Greg. He who writes letters and burns his cd's. He was a Tori Amos fan. He was a hockey player. He was, according to many, beautiful. He was to conventionally beautiful for me.

He was also a lover of conventional beauty. I can remember sitting with him one night. We were discussing love lives and his current crush. A super model. Well, perhaps not super, but big in some areas of the business. And somewhat interested in him. He made the statement, if only I could find someone who had her body but who was like you.

Her body but like you.

Damn. It's no wonder I have issues.

I don't know where he is anymore. We lost touch. I see his house every now and then. D. and I joke about working out our triangle muscles on our backs (a common activity for him). He's most likely in another province now, working away. Looking for his super model. I don't miss him - he and I were never suited as friends. But I do wonder what he's doing.

In honour of Greg, the lyrics to 'Pretty Good Year'

Tears on the sleeve of a man
don't want to be a boy today
heard the eternal footman
bought himself a bike to race
and Greg he writes letters and burns his CDs
hey say you were something in those formative years
hold onto nothing as fast as you can
well still pretty good year

Maybe a bright sandy beach
is gonna bring you back
maybe not so now you're off
you're gonna see America
well let me tell you something about America
pretty good year

some things are melting now
well what's it gonna take till my baby's alright
and Greg he writes letters with his birthday pen
sometimes he's aware that they're drawing him in
Lucy was pretty your best friend agreed
well still pretty good year




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