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I love... cake, 2005-10-15, 2:14 p.m.

Another entry from me! However, this one isn't via e-mail.
That's because it's the weekend. I'm home, currently awaiting D.s cousin and perhaps aunt and uncle. They just called and wanted to stop over. So one quick clean up later and we're waiting.
I'm feeling iffy about my decision to leave the mailing list that I'm was on. This is simply because I miss it. But I need to sort myself out - I can't let little things get me down and feeling horrid. It was something that was bugging me for a while, but it kinda exploded in my head (no where else as the womyn on the list are wonderful womyn) and I needed to get away. I'm hoping that these moods stop soon - as is my husband - and I'll feel that it's a good idea to rejoin that list as well.
Past that, things are good. Tonight is chip night, we have lots of good tv on the PVR and I just ordered a cake for my cousins graduation party. Mmmmm... cake.




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