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Catching up, 2005-07-13, 2:11 p.m.

I spend far to much time planning what to write in this white box, and not enough time actually writing. Between having a sick little boy last week, spending our lives out at my parents house while they built a gazebo and now doing work for dad, this week has flown.
I'm now playing hooky from my work. I should be htmlizing lesson plans, but I'm surfing the web, reading web forums and contemplating my suggestions for supper when my sister and I go out.
Yeah, the sis and I are going out. We're shopping. I've decided I don't want to wear any more pants as they never look any good on me. So I need skirts. I saw a couple that I'm interested in, so we're going to go try stuff on. I'm hoping I'll have some nice ones for our little trip next week.
I have a job - did I mention that? Teaching world religion, career development and english, as well as some learning resources. The board made the job for me. So come September, I'm employed and working. I feel mixed about this - I want to stay home with P. all the time, yet to be able to afford to do that, I need to work. So I'll have summers with him, Winter and Spring holidays and after work. And I'll be challenged in my job everyday. Which is important. We need my paycheque to live how we want to live. I'm working to live, not living to work. And that works for me.
Now, to get ready to shop!




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