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Contact, 2005-08-16, 12:30 p.m.

It has happened.

Patrick has finally fallen on the cat.

They were hanging out on the floor for a while; Patrick playing near Oliver but staying away. I'd already cautioned him about the cat (as we do every time they come close) and at one point I saw them sitting next to each other, look at each other and then watched Patrick shake his head at Ollie as if to say 'Nooooo, I can't pet you'.

And then it happened.

Patrick got up and walked towards Oliver who was still chilling out on the floor. And he fell. Right on the cat.

We've been scared, knowing this moment was coming. Ollie has patience, but not that much patience. What would he do if Patrick fell on him? Freak out? Bite him? Scratch him? Claw his way out from under my little 23 pound wrecking ball?

Nothing happened.

Patrick and Oliver just looked at each other in confusion as Patrick sat on Ollies back. I separated them and checked them both over. Everyone was ok.

Ollie has since slunk off in search of more peaceful chilling. And I've begun to use Patrick shamelessly and have gotten him to get things such as the phone for me.

Ahh.... life at home with my child. Days of events like this are coming to a close. Better enjoy them while I can.




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