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Frustration, 2007-01-03, 6:52 p.m.


So, I'm supposed to get my gallbladder out. And I had an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to set the time. I wanted it to be during exams at least so that I could not miss that in class time.

They called today and said "Oh, she won't be in the office tomorrow. You're rescheduled for the appointment on the 29th".

Exams start the 19th. We return to classes on the 29th

Bah humbug.

So frustrating. I just had to call my sub and cancel because I can't just waste the sick day. So now I'm in and I'm frustrated.

However, it's good in one respect. I forgot the files for MP at school and thought I wouldn't be able to get them until friday. Now I can put it up tomorrow morning. So that's good.

It'd be great to have a work schedule that could allow me to just reschedule everyone else. That'd be lovely. Not gonna happen I suspect.




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