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Fun, excitement and stickers, 2006-08-14, 2:32 p.m.

My son is asleep next to me covered in stickers. Well, if by covered I mean five. Each sticker was earned by peeing the potty at daycare.
He is really doing well while there with his potty training. Well, he's not great at asking to go, but when he gets there, he does go. He had two accidents this afternoon, but past that, he's all good.
This is a great age. I love the conversations, I love the wonderment. I love the independance and the attachment, sometimes all in the same few minutes. It's sad sometimes, realizing that he's not a baby any more. But this stage is nice. This stage is beautiful.
Of course, this stage has him sleeping on the couch early in the evening with underwear on. He's on a change pad in the hopes he doesn't pee on my couch. Yes, it's fun and excitement in all kinds of way at my house.




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