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Finally updating, 2005-02-07, 6:26 a.m.

This morning, as normal, I put Patrick in his high chair and sat down on the couch to play on my laptop. D. was in the shower. P. was just playing in his high chair.
D. called out for something and I got up. P. freaked out - just for a second or two - but his response to it was very silly.
It's similar to his vocalizations when he is following the cat. Ollie will get on the floor and P. will chase him. He'll be quiet until he's a couple inches away. Then, amazed at how close he's gotten to his mark, he'll squeal with delight. Ollie will then be tipped off and boot it. Which is good. This doesn't happen very often - only when they're a little to quick for us - normally we drag them apart - or in the case of yesterday, the three of us have a foot race.
My son will never make it as a super spy.




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