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Good and bad stuff, 2006-06-26, 7:38 p.m.

It's been a mixed kinda day. I found out my travel times for Ottawa, I found out I owe the bank loads of money, I got measured and I didn't get my period.
I'm taking some students to Ottawa for a conference. I'm really excited about it even if it's all very last minute. We're planning a local, national and global project where we have a week of activities to raise awareness and money for three groups - a local one, national one and you guessed it, a global one. We're trying to find the right charities and the right way to promote it all. It's all good.
Not as good however is the bank situation. I miscalculated and missed a payment - and spent the money that would have made the payment. And now we owe it. I've spent money that I shouldn't spend on paying it and will pay some more on it this week. It's made my stomach cramp up in thinking about it. And I feel horrid. But the money was spent on diapers, baby clothing, etc. Which is frustrating - it seems as if there's never enough money and it's catching up to me.
When I was measured I found out I lost a pound, 3.5 inches and 1% body fat in a couple months (with reassurance that you gain ten to fifteen pounds of muscle in those months). So that makes 3.5 pounds, 10 inches and 1% body fat in the past four months. Not great, but good.
And I'm supposed to get my period today. And it hasn't come yet. This is my first one in three years so I'm a little anxious about it. And no - not pregnant.
And now my son is walking around in pjs (with striped shorts), spider man rubber boots, a bright blue baseball hat with animals on it and a monkey around his neck. Sooooo cute.




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