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Happy Daddy Day!!, 2006-06-18, 4:15 p.m.

Happy daddy day to all fathers and those who are father figures.
We had a good day. D. wanted to have a Tim's breakfast, go to the skatepark, go to the beach and then relax. The only change we made was that instead of relaxing at home, he went to my parents house and relaxed. It was great. At my parents house we had a greasy lunch (unusual) and then an assortment of cakes. And then just hanging out. It was a marvelous day. Now we're having steak burritos for supper and perhaps watching L0rd of W@r.
Past that, on the job front, things are looking good, on the romance front, D. and I are doing well, and on the P. front, he's singing original songs as well as a few covers. It's a nice life.

Just wanted to remember today.




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