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Happy Birthday Peanut!, 2005-04-27, 8:01 p.m.

My son turned one today.
I'll have a post with lots of pictures and the like in the next couple days, but right now, just reflecting on this point. He turned one.
For three hundred and sixty five days, my son has been part of my life in the physical sense. He has breastfed for these days and has cuddled. He has grown. He has learned.
He came into this world at four minutes after midnight. By this time last year we were still learning about him and he was learning about the world. Now, he's still learning, but he can get himself around. He can ask for what he wants and can feed himself. He ate steak today when last year all he had was milk.
For five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes, he has developed. He was born nine pounds, nine ounces. He's now twenty one pounds, eleven ounces. He was born 24 inches - he's now a little over 32. He can walk in short spurts, crawl quickly in long intervals. He can hog the blankets.
My little boy has preferences. He likes straws, doesn't like sippy cups. He likes kraft dinner. He sometimes like hummus more than jam. Sometimes it's the other way around. He can eat almost a whole can of peaches but can't swallow much meat. He dances to the law and order theme song. He plays his little djembe drum and smiles.
I made him a blanket. I started it months ago and finished it yesterday. He's next to me on the couch, curled up and sleeping under this blanket. Last year this time, he wore little gowns to sleep, with folds to put over his hands so he wouldn't scratch himself. Now, he sleeps in two piece jammies, and one piece ones with feet. He's a big boy now. He snores.
P. used to wake me up at night, every night. He used to be with me all day, every day. Now he spends two or three days a week at the babysitters. In four months he'll spend all day there while I work with the kids of others, some of whom had parents who romantized their offsprings first birthday as I have, but who now just hope for some contact with their lives.
As I sit here with my piece of cake and think about how life has changed. This is the best thing I've done. This doesn't negate anything else that I've accomplished, but enhances it. Life is forever changed but so much better.
Happy birthday P. I love you.




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