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I can shower!!, 2006-11-18, 9:26 p.m.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm doing much better now - taking very few pain killers, unstapled and able to move around a bit - ok a lot - more than I could when I first got home. It's good.
I also can shower now. I was told at the hospital that I couldn't which the public health nurse found amazing. I could have been showering all along, something that I wish I had known when I came home. I went almost two weeks without a shower for no reason. What an annoyance.
I'm home this week because I'm still really tired almost all the time. It'll be weird being home by myself, but I think I'll manage. D. has been a wonderful wonderful husband and has put up with so very much. I'll miss him this week when I'm home by myself. However, I'll probably watch more movies.
Patrick is doing well. I get a feeling of smugness when we go to stores and pass by the frantic, overcrowded toy departments - we have all his holiday gifts purchased, excepting a few little stocking stuffers. Now it's just everyone else that I have to sort out. But I think it'll get sorted out. It has to, right?
Is it wrong that I'm excited baout the idea of a Mint Chocolate Baileys? Maybe for our annual barbeque in december.
I should really go to bed. However, this is the first time I've been truely alone and I am enjoying it. I should go to bed and read but I don't have a light to read by. However, I'm rereading "The Plot Against America" and it's amazing. Again. You must read it if you have not already.
And with that, I take my leave. More later.




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