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What's the story....?, 2005-11-02, 9:32 p.m.

P. has a favourite TV show. It's a BBC show called 'Bala*mory', minus the *. We PVR it daily from BBCKids. The people in the show have accents, occasionally quite thick, from Britain, Scotland and America. The theme song is sung by a young Irish or Scottish child who has a clear young voice.

The show opens with the theme song which introduces each character by their house, waving hello. We go with Miss Hoo*lie to either the nursery school or the cafe (depending on if it's a weekday or weekend, or, as classfied in the show, "A day to stay at home to play, going to school or nursery"). Someone comes to visit, they decide to consult someone else and a song is sung about which coloured house they are going to. They visit that person, they decide to visit one more person. We hear that persons song and then, when the original person gets there, they recap what's going on. The story resolves and then Miss Hoo*lie recaps the whole show. Then she says bye and we see the opening sequence in reverse with the characters now waving good-bye. It ends that way. It's a format that P. is used to and one that he loves - he waves goodbye to all the characters (he used to leave one out, but he waves now). He loves the songs and knows when they appear in the music. It's great.

TLC has started showing this show. We thought this was good - we were seeing some repeats and they were showing ones that were new to us. But they've made some changes. The theme song is now sung by several children and I can practically see the choir director in front of them, cutting their notes and finding the cutest voices to sing solos. It's really bad. And then at the end to make it a 30 minute show (it's originally 25 minutes) they say 'Let's go see...' and they play a characters song. And then they play the houses song again. THEN the characters say goodbye. It makes no sense at all. And it throws off P. when he watches it as he waves goodbye and they aren't going good bye yet. It's so very wrong. At least they don't show commercials.

It's funny how much a kids show can get me worked up.




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