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Interjections, 2006-02-27, 12:08 p.m.

I feel sick.

I think it's having the day off. It's letting this cold come up. I keep coughing and can't really stop. I've had some diet coke. I've had my inhalor. And it sucks.

However, the dvd of 'Rent' is lovely. Having the day off today is lovely. Having two fuzzy blankets on me is lovely. I'd like to take a bath I think, but I'd fall asleep. And I couldn't sleep earlier. Ok... now I'm in the non-lovely again.

Ok. What else. I want this skirt. I joined an exercise club. I helped my brother-in-law move. Sort of. We got 72cm of snow this weekend. My little boy does so much cute stuff.

And that's enough. I have to rest now.




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