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Keg and Cats, 2004-12-06, 6:21 a.m.

Yesterday was Ds birthday, so we went out to supper. Where? The Keg.
The Keg is new here and as it serves a lot of steaks, we decided to go. And it was so good.
I'm realizing now that they messed up our order - we asked for the new york classic, which comes with a bunch of stuff, and we got the new york which comes with less, but damn, I'm still full. And their crispy cheesecake was wonderful. So it was a good night out.
D and I are realizing that we need some nights like that. Nights where we go out together and indulge ourselves. We had my birthday last month and his last night, but past that, we need to go to places because we want to be together. Simply because we do want to be together and be D and Ali as well as D, P and Ali. And P. is great when he's with my parents. So yay and a half.
I'm a very lucky womyn and there are times I have to remember that.
As I typed that, I heard a loud bang. Ollie was on the half wall that is above the stairs that go down to the basement and he fell. We took him to the vet and he's ok, just had a bloody nose and was in shock from stress. However, in case of concussion, we have to keep him awake for 12-18 hours. D. stayed home and is doing a fantastic job. Scaryness. My poor little cat.




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