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Knitting!, 2004-11-23, 7:59 p.m.

I found a wool store!! This makes me more happy than can be imagined. An actual wool store. However, while there, the question was asked again - did you knit that sweater?
See, P. has a fall sweater. You can see it here. He also has the matching hat which does not appear to be on their site - it's an elf hat. And everywhere I go I get asked if I knit it. It looks grandma knit - or mommy knit - apparently and so people are surprised when they find out that not only did I not knit it, it's from a major corporation.
I really need to knit him a sweater - a good sweater - so that I can proudly say that yes! I knit it.
Right now I'm working on bags. His blanket is coming along well, but I'm trying to knit some stuff for christmas gifts. Plus I like the feeling of completion that comes with smaller projects. His blanket will be done decently soon however. After the bags and sweaters. And the joey ramone doll.




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