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Knitting woes, 2005-01-25, 9:13 a.m.

So I'm making a sweater for P. However, two things are making me upset about it right now.
Thing the first is that I made a sleeve to long. I'm using my own pattern to some degree, but needed help with the arm shaping. So I looked at a pattern and followed it. At MOST I need it to be 14 inches - it's 16. So I'm taking some rows out, but I don't know how that'll work with the overall shaping.
Thing the second is that I'm following my own pattern somewhat - I figured out how I want to do it and I'm doing it that way. I'm getting some help from several patterns, but they're to give me a guideline on how the sweater style should be. And the octopus that I'm putting on the front is from a pattern. But I picked out the wool, decided how I wanted it to look, decidedo n the octopus (it's from a sea creatures blanket - they said that any of them would be good on a sweater but didn't show examples of the octopus, so I'm feeling good about that choice), decided on seed stitch instead of ribbing, decided on the raglan style, all of that and more!. Remember, I'm a newish knitter - this is all a big thing for me. Anyway, I just bought a book at the grocery store in their bargain bin section (it was cheap!!) It's a book for knitting for babies and toddlers. And it has an octopus sweater with a seed stitch border. ARG! I was so proud and now, I have a pattern for me. And I didn't want a pattern - didn't want to see a pattern or anything similar to ti. Bah humbug.




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