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Life as I know it, 2006-07-24, 12:00 a.m.

I'm being a mom tonight. P. had a fever of 38.6 and was very very warm (well, duh, he had a fever). We gave him infant tylenol and patted him down with a cool cloth and got him to drink cold water. He's down to 37.2 now and I'm up until I can give him some more medication, then sleep. I'm quite worried because earlier he said his neck hurt, but then later he said it was ok. No vomiting, no ill feeling (he's been joking around with 'Whose house - huh patrick, what? - Runs house' today), no light phobia (in fact, he wanted the lights on) and he seems fine. I just worry.
Things have been good lately. Money is sorted itself out, the gym have been happening and summer is summering. We've been doing things lately which has been great. The beach has been a favourite destination - not a sandy warm beach of the movies, but a rocky, non swimming beach where we stand in the cold cold waves and search for sea glass. This week I had to run out into water up to my butt because P. nearly lost his hat. It felt into the water. D. wasn't impressed - he worried that a big wave would take me - but it felt good, being super mom. P. keeps talking about it, or at least, kept talking about it until I found his toy 'mater' in the toybox. Both are mindblowing experiences apparently.
Why won't the advice nurse answer the phone?
I have pictures to share soon. P. has been adorable, I made a necklace (that broke today, which bothers me more than I can say), and I have a horrid pucker face. It's more of a popeye face. And my toenails are battered from the ocean.
It's all very mundane and wonderful.




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