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Little notes, 2006-12-10, 5:52 p.m.

Random notes (ala jenniam):

Yesterday we went shopping. D. and Patrick went together and my sis A. and I went together and we met up for snacks and meals. P. got ice cream at 11:30 and fries at 12:30 and drank water out of a dairy queen cup. So different from usual diet. He LOVED it. During this shopping trip they went to the bathroom. Patrick used his foot in a mighty kick to flush the toilet and then said 'you see dat?'. Apparently it was totally cool.

I'm getting these for Christmas!

The car acted up on the way home. Terrifying.

Dad and A. took the quad and went out and cut themselves a tree for the holidays. We spent today decorating it. P. has a cardboard box house out there and we decorated that as well.

The James Kim story makes me very sad.

I can't wait to wrap the gifts that I've picked up for everyone. We've gotten P. a bunch of stuff and I can't wait for him to have them!

I love Kate Winslet.

I'm doing a course on 'The Final Solution' and I'm excited about learning.

P. loves to say 'Actually' - such as 'Actually, it's lunch time', or "Actually, it's silver' (in response to us saying that a car was grey). It's cute.

Check out Her Bad Auction. The person who makes the sockmonkeys does a really good job. Just so you know.

Yesterday, P. commented that two politicians (high up ones) on the cover of the paper were monkeys. I love my son.

lowercasep - we need to get together soon! I'll check you out on your lj site.

P. got a picture with Santa yesterday. He was terrified, well, very shy. He ended up sitting on my lap and I leaned out of the photo - he wanted a picture with him but not on his lap. It was odd but understandable. It'll be interesting to see what happens at his christmas party on friday.

I like fish and chips.

I need to order something on my visa and have no space. That sucks. No matter what I do, I can't seem to pay off my visa. I hate that.

On the 21st I can lift P. again. This is good.




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