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Laptop, Hair Cut and more!, 2004-12-20, 6:16 a.m.

I'm almost ready for the holidays. Getting past my little bout of stomach ickness, I've gotten energy and help. My sister has been wonderful - she helped finish a gift as well as wrapped the majority of my gifts. Our tree is up, but naked, and we're clearing stuff out of the living room.
Wednesday is shopping with my siblings - my brother gets in town late tuesday night. Thursday is major cleaning day and party prep, with my sister. Then friday is finish party prep with people coming down at six that evening. My parents, D.s mom, and our siblings (and their partners if they want to come). We're having a dessert party. Mom and dad are bringing the fixings for Red Hot Bunnies and a plain cheese cake along with all different kinds of toppings. I'm getting pastries as well as a taco dip and a spinich dip. D. is barbequing sausages. Everyone else is supposed to bring something as well. So it should be fun. New year, new life, new traditions.
I'm also getting a laptop. Which clears out loads of space in our living room because we don't need a computer desk any more. D. uses a laptop all the time so why not me? Now I just have to knit a laptop bag for it!!
I got my hair cut. I might post a picture later. I asked for two to three inches off and she cut more like four to five. So it's shockingly short when I look at it. However, it does make cute ponytails and looks REALLY healthy. So that's good. The top layer still has a few inches of colour, but it really doesn't look bad. So that's good. I just can't shake the feeling that I look like Mikey Tuttle. Minus the beard.
And with that image, I leave you. Pictures soon.




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