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I love the little mermaid, 2006-10-28, 8:20 a.m.

Well, things are less frustrating at Casa Ginge. Patrick never napped afterwards (have you ever tried to do anything while you're tired and you have a kid who can barely keep his eyes open but insists on doing everyting but what you ask him to? Not fun.) but we made it through the day. And he only has a cold. So that's good.
Of course yesterday was frustrating at work. The day was good until last period. A kid asked to use a stapler and when I picked up my lovely, rubber bottomed, decorative holed, beautiful blue stapler and found a condom on it. A freakin' condom. So I made some jokes, melted down in the Vice Principals office and today I'm buying a new stapler. I'm not squimish about condoms but damn that was gross.
Today P. goes to a hallowe'en party. I'm so excited. I'm going to be a princess - apparently I'm Ariel as he loves the little mermaid (having read the book). He's a pirate. It's going to be fun.
And now I need to get ready for it. Someday I might be able to write a real entry.




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