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Milestone, 2006-11-26, 8:31 p.m.

I'm so very thrilled and proud of myself. I exercised today!!
Mom and I walked around the pond (btw mommybrain, I saw the house that's on for 260,000 and it's not worth it, in case you were wondering). And then I went on the treadmill. I did 35 minutes at a lower speed but higher incline. On average, my incline was 8 and my speed was 4. So that's good. Now I just need to eat more as with all the exercise I've not eaten enough! I've started recording a yoga show, so the plan is to start doing that in the mornings. Hopefully that works out. I like how I feel with yoga, so hopefully it's a good yoga show and I get something out of it. I have a bunch of yoga tapes, but not dvds and our vcr isn't working well, so they're of no use. Ah well.
Past my little milestone, things are pretty good here. Frustrated shopping for my sisters christmas gift online and there's a dress I want from a store that won't ship or charge to canada but that's nothing. P. is still awake and should really be asleep. I'm learning 'One Song Glory' from rent on the guitar. So it's all good. Back to work on Wednesday which scares me a little.
I think I need sleep.




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