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More from me, 2005-10-10, 3:39 p.m.

And yes, another post from me. It only took four days!
It's nice having a holiday. Now that I'm working days off are more appreciated. Thanksgiving is quite appreciated as well. We had a yummy meal out at my parents house yesterday. I ate no turkey, but still got sick. It was odd. However, the meal was so very tasty - carrots, and potato and turnip and cabbage and dressing and pudding and gravy! Oh My! And I made a dessert that was ok - a fruit tart.
Today has been a relaxing day. P. and I went to the park and went to chapters while D. and d. jammed. P. has been whining at me for the last little while because he wants to go down and jam with them, but they're recording so he can't. Ah well.
I'm boring lately. I think I need to check out the e-mail posting and do that more often. So expect more when I figure that out!




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