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Muppet Smiles, 2005-06-14, 1:28 p.m.

Lately, P. and I have been having wonderful days together. He's spending three days a week at a babysitters (he'll start to go two days a week next week when the summer starts), which may be part of it. As odd as that might sound, having time apart for both of us to grow (and sleep) means that the time together is even better.
Today, we slept all morning. I worry about his getting to sleep tonight, but this morning we slept. He fell asleep around nine and then we went into bed around ten. I fell asleep around ten thirty and we woke up at twelve thirty, snuggled together with the cat at my feet. Patrick had a big muppet smile on his face. Now he's playing with peek-a-blocks and lego and hanging out in his spiderman chair and singing to himself. We're going to get going in a minute or two and get him weighed and then go buy me a bra.
I think that realizing that these days will soon end, as well as not having him home all the time makes these days sweeter. Funny that. Plus, now he gets time with kids his age. It's good all around. And I get to appreciate those muppet smiles even more.
I like being a mom.




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