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My Holiday Break, 2004-12-29, 6:22 a.m.

I hope y'all have been having a very merry holiday time.
Here it's been a little odd. Different than planned but great all the same.
Christmas eve found us having a dessert party for my MIL, two brothers in law and my family. It went really well, but we had loads left over - dessert party left overs are yummy. After they left we crashed in bed and had the obligatory sugar plums dancing in our heads.
Christmas morning started wonderfully. We opened our gifts - D. loved his joey ramone (did I mention that - following the pattern in Stitch and Bitch Nation I knitted him a Joey Ramone). P. loved all the wrapping paper. I got some wonderful things, such as some movies that I wanted, movie money, a book and other things such as that.
After a tense phone call (that no, I'm not getting into), we left for my parents house. They waited for us and when we got there we opened stockings. This year we had everyone purchase a gift for everyone elses stocking. I recieved size 19 needles, a gift certificate to a craft store, socks, movie money and a chocolate orange. P. got a dog we call Ellis - stands for LSDog - it's multi-coloured and you can make tones by squeezing different legs. D. recieved a new motor for his truck and other such things. It was really neat doing it that way. We then ate a wonderful breakfast (homemade pancakes, bacon, toast, ham, sausage, eggs and the like) and then opened presents. I recieved my sewing machine and sewing kit (with loads of stuff - however, I am returning the box because D. got me a really cool one). D. got a reversing system for his truck. P. recieved a beautiful toybox that Dad made, Baby Einstein DVD boxset, a cabbage patch kid and other such wonderful things. Mom even knit him a cap. She's working on the matching sweater. We hung out for a while, but it got snowy, so we went home a little earlier than expected and had a wonderful steak dinner for supper.
Boxing day my parents came down and brought our presents. D. and I relaxed for a while and then went to vist d. to exchange gifts (I really need a cast page - d. is D.s little-but-not-youngest brother.).
Monday we wanted to go get Macdonalds breakfast (we have it around twice a year, get sick and then forget the getting sick and get it again later in the year. Twice a year and we still don't learn.), then go to Canadian Tire and then go out to my parents house to stay over for the evening. However, we tried to go and it was crappy out - we made it down the road and then had to turn back. So we hung out at home all day. We're going to spend a different night out at my parents house.
Yesterday we relaxed all day which was great. We got our breakfast, went to CT and then just relaxed. Watched some 'Biker Buildoffs', some 'Amazing Race' and other such things. It was great.
We had a nice break. Now, D. goes back to work and life begins to return to what we call normal (which is far from).
By the way - P. stands like crazy now, claps his hands, says 'hiyaaaaaaaaa', 'Oh!' (in many different intonations) and still smiles at everyone. Life is good.




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