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I click my heels and I'm there, 2001-09-08, 3:13 p.m.

There. Tis done. I have a rings page, I have a new design. Only thing left is to change my guestbook a little. And then I can work on other pages. Designing is really relaxing. Please let me know what you think!

I've been unfaved by someone. That actually makes me sad. It shouldn't because, well, it shouldn't. But for some reason, I appreciated the link. Ah well.

I've changed my rings a little. Just because I want to have them formatted the same. If you run one of the rings and you have a problem with my putting them in the format I have them in, please let me know.

Enough about my page. Lets move on to actual diary entries, shall we?

Tonight we're going out to supper to celebrate my new job. And my paycheque. Yay! We're doing the Jungle Jim's bit. Mmm... veggie buritos done bbq style with rice.

School this week has been good. Its weird to think that this is my job. My classes yesterday were ok. I love my grade nine class. They're so cute and they talk with me and we have interesting classes. My grade eights are ok. A little hyper. Of course, some were breaking the rules, which I didn't notice and the department head walked in and caught them. They were wearing hats and a jacket (2 hats, 1 jacket). They're not allowed. I don't care about rules like that, but they are school rules. That's why she noticed and I didn't. However, after the conversation about the homework page, I felt dumb. Ah well. I shall learn. However, my adolecence class was horrid. They wanted to start watching pornos (yes, pornos!) right away. They didn't listen. I tried everything - standing in front of the class to get their attention, discussing how they needed to know this information because of what can happen without knowledge about birth control, emotions, etc, can be deadly. I tried appealing to their maturity. Didn't work. Not at all. My mentor talked to their home room teacher. We'll see how it goes from here on in. But I love teaching. I really do. I never want to be a bitter teacher. Never.

My cat is still adjusting to both of us working. He doesn't like that no one is home all day and has been demanding extra attention. I've been cuddling and playing more often, as has my boyfriend. However, he has a new habit. He comes up and bites my boyfriend on the leg when my boyfriend is working on the computer. Just walks up, little bite. Then he looks at him with this 'please, play with me' look on his face. It's rather odd. When they play, they wrestle, which I guess explains the biting. But its rather odd. Anyone have a solution?

I know that corporations can be evil. And that Saturn (the car company) has problems with it. But! Tommorrow my bro, sis and I (with two of their friends) are going to a complimentary showing of 'Rugrats in Paris'. Yay!!! Its because my parents are part of the Saturn family. Yes, its a kids movie. But, its Rugrats in Paris. For free! Yay!

I don't think 'Big Brother' comes on tonight. Which is a pity. It was pretty good on thursday. I love reality tv, so wednesday was also good - survivors and big brother people. kick ass.

I haven't posted lyrics in a while. So here goes. 'Underground' by Ben Folds Five in honour of being back in school. I may have never had a nose ring, but damm I wanted one.

I was never cool in school.
I'm sure you don't remember me.
But now it's been ten years and I'm still wondering who to be.
I love to mix in circles, cliques, and social coteries (that's me)

Hand me my nose ring!
(Can we be happy?)
Show me the mosh pit!
(Can we be happy?)

We can be happy underground.

Who's got the looks?
Who's got the brains?
Who's got everything?
I've got this pain in my heart, that's all.
(Hey you with the long and lonely face)
There's got to be something else
Let me tell you something else
There was a girl that passed me by
She gave a smile but I was shy and looked down
(Don't look down no no! Go go underground)
Now now there's a place to go.
It's the morning now, its the evening
It's everything.
I click my heels and I'm there.

(Underground, Underground)
Everything's heavy underground
You've been kicked around,
Did life bring you down here?
Everything's heavy underground

And we'll be decked in all black
Slamming the pit fantastic.
Officer Friendly's little boy's got a mohawk
And he knows just where we're coming from.
It's industrial, work it underground
Get down, get down, get down





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