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An ode to L., 2006-05-03, 8:14 p.m.

I wanted to write about a friend of mine. It's funny. I got a card from her recently with a wonderful note, but I don't know how to thank her. Oddly, we can talk about anything from farts, fat and family, but how important she is to me, I find hard to say.
L. is a beautiful womyn. With striking blue eyes, her smile and laughter enter the room before she does. She's short, which makes me feel tall, something I can say that no one else does. I can remember being amazed at the size of her feet and being so envious.
L. and I met in university. We were doing three courses together - theatre, stage craft and modern canadian drama. We clicked right away and when we continued through other courses in our drama specialization we began a friendship outside of class.
One of my fondest memories is the jogging that we did together. Neither of us could jog very well. For the first few days we gave it a shot. Then we walked together. Then we hung out at her house. Then we drank at her house. It was wonderful. Then there was the time we decided to go on the cabbage soup diet. We made pots and pots of the soup. Then we gorged ourselves on food and drink that evening. The next day it began and she was such a support. She was so worried about me and my being crazy about dieting that it made me feel so loved. She made it much longer than I did. L. has more willpower and drive than I.
L. saw me through breakups, affairs, crazy times, sad times, happy times. She told me that I was glowing when I talked about D. She hugged me, she helped me, she let me use her phone, drink her booze and generally behaved like a big sister to me.
L. moved away a couple months after I graduated from university. In a stroke of luck, D. and I were able to move into her apartment. It was nice living in a spot that had been so friendly. Odd when she came back to visit, but wonderful all the same.
L. was in the US, living with a boyfriend. The boyfriend. Next I heard she was married. Then she became a mother. Her baby was the first I held as an adult. Then she had another. Then I had one. Then she had another. Through all of this she grew as a mother, a wife and a friend.
She decided to work as a stay at home mom and does an amazing job with the three kiddos. When they came to visit and had supper, the kids were so polite. They played so well with P., even though there was an age difference. When I talk to them on the phone, they speak well, they sing, they can be heard dancing. They are a credit to the wonder that their mom is.
L. is a good friend to so many. She is patient and sometimes a little too giving - I know that I always feel she gives so much and I have so little to give in comparison. She still has the beautiful smile, the gorgeous face, the tiny feet and the wonderful sense of humour. Her laugh, when she laughs heartily makes you want to be part of it, and so glad that you're there. Her caring makes you feel so safe and loved. Sometimes I wonder if between us we share a brain, but I know that if we were split, then she got all the heart.
Thank you L. Thank you for being my friend.




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