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PM, Money, Travel and Me, 2006-07-10, 7:16 p.m.

Well, how have things been lately? LEts see....
Ottawa was great. Way to humid, but great. We met the Prime Minister, which, while I think his politics suck, he is still the Prime Minister. We ate at a hard rock cafe, we shopped in th emarket. I found out a lot about my students, but also a lot about myself.
Now that I'm back, I'm tired. I think I'm crashing after a year of school and the trip. P. is going to be going to a daycare in the mornings for a bit and then all day for a few days for a bit. I'm craving me time so very much. So very very much.
I'm also dreaming of winning the lottery. Just 100,000$ - enough to pay off my bills. Perhaps more. I don't like this period of my life - this debtfull, money tight period of my life. Apparently it ends at some point.
Anyone want to tell me when?




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