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Random, 2006-08-25, 8:58 a.m.

My son has three superheros he sings about:

The muffin man

He'll walk around singing 'Superman, Spiderman, Muffin Man'. That and he knows the theme songs for two of them. Does Superman have a theme song? I like the idea that you can be safe and have yummy things to eat.


Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. I announced it to the diaryland world in this post. Then there was a month of mushy posts about planning a wedding and finishing my stats course. And now it's four years ago. We celebrated last week by having P. sleep over at my parents house and having a yummy meal and then going out for breakfast the next day. So nice.


I used to post fairly nice posts. I miss doing that. I miss writing to write. I don't know when I lost that ability, but I don't have it to the same degree any more. When I write I feel so good.


We have a new dvd player. This thrills me beyond thrills. Ours has been broken for a month or so. I've told D. that I feel so lousy lately because I've not been able to watch 'Rent'.

Speaking of 'Rent', I'm thinking of writing an article for a Religion and Popular Culture journal about 'Rent' and the portrayal of modern spirituality that it presents. This would be an expansion of a lesson plan I've developed. The birth of a family and an ideal on christmas day, Angel being the center of this family, the bringing together of these different people who seek fellowship, seek companionship, seek acceptance is very much like the church. We have spirituality to have companionship, to have something to believe in. The 'life support' meetings, 'La Vie boheme' and others show that this can be found anywhere you try to find it. I hope I'm up to the challenge.


Mel Gibson is an ass.


P. is a big 90210 fan. It's actually quite hilarious. We ask him what he wants to watch and he says '9010'. I don't know what we're doing to him :)


One of my ovaries is up around my bladder. I suspect that's why I need to pee so much. D. has composed a song about it.


P. has composed a song : "A Girl named Ali... her name is mama." That's it so far, but I really like it.


I really should work on my assignment for this week. Yes, I'm doing a course. It's from Yad Vashem and is called 'At the Edge of the Abyss: The Holocaust of the European Jewry: Life in the Ghettos'. I keep doing my assignments through the week, but always end up finishing them at the last minute, setting the goal for that not to happen the next time. Thus far, it's not worked.




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