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Random, 2006-12-05, 6:48 p.m.

Random thoughts:

Making a crazy cake, late to bed, up at 2:00am to puke and almost fall asleep leaning on the toilet, up at 5:20 to do 45 minutes of yoga, then a full day does not an awake heavenlyging make.

We had a snow storm last night. Well, not totally a storm but a lot of snow for a one night. And D. had to shovel early this morning. Which sucks because it is his birthday and he had to shovel at 5:20 this morning.

I made D. a skatepark cake. It had a half pipe, a quarter pipe, a fun box and a rail. It didn't look fantastic but it was fun and neat.

This story is one I've been watching and more concerned about than I would have predicted. I used to watch him on Techtv and just think about his little girls. If he lives, they are one very lucky family. If he dies, imagine the burden that his wife and kids will have along with the sadness. Amazing story.

My memory is failing me.

I would like this please.

D. has taught Patrick the pepto-bismal song. It's kinda funny to hear him sing it.

I like yoga.

The place where I got my flu shot is sore. P. didn't get one after all because he had a stomach flu like thing going on. Poor little man.

I think I would like to sleep now. That's not going to happen.




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