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randomly, 2006-12-17, 6:48 p.m.

I'm done my holiday shopping. This is an amazing feeling. Ok, well, there's one thing I need to order online, but past that, I'm done. And that's not anything that I need to leave the house to do. So wonderful.

P. is sick. He has a fever. Right now he's in the time when the medication is in full effect. So he's happy and down to a decent temperature. He hasn't had an appetite and has had a lot of juice. I think we're winning the bad (but caring) parents award by giving him rice cakes and juice and letting him watch a (of all things!) Dora dvd.

P. won't sing the pepto bismal song anymore outside of the house. I've told him it's ok but he won't sing it. I guess my words made an impact when I was embarassed. Brotherdown, you'll have to teach him some new songs.

Just a couple days until my brother gets home. We're going out to supper on friday and hopefully will take P. to the Science Center. Yayness!!

My parents bought P. the Dora dvd. I've never seen a full episode before and now I've seen almost four. P. is so into it it's crazy. Considering he's not seen any episodes of it for seven months or longer it's neat to watch him interact.

One week of school left.

I don't want to go to work this week. I want to stay home, sleep, do yoga and eat bonbons.

I've started a new course. It's about the Final Solution. I'm very excited about learning. However, I've had an assignment for two weeks that is due tomorrow and I'm writing this instead of starting it.

I'm behind on life. All aspects, all parts, all areas (but the holidays). I think this is part of why I want to stay home this week and just avoid it all.

Money issues suck.

I'm very very tired. Sleep would be a wonderful thing.

P. stayed at my parents house on friday night. We did a couple errands and thenI wrapped gifts. The next day we cleaned the house and got a few groceries. It was nice to be able to do that - lately when P. gets to sleep it's later than I'd like and I'm tired when I need to try to do things (such as wrap gifts). So it was useful. And so nice to have him back home. Over the holidays, my parents are going to take him for an afternoon so that we can go to the movie that started this original sleepover plan.

P. wants thomas and I need to work on an assignment. Who's cute blue eyes will win out?




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