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Random Thoughts, 2005-06-21, 9:25 p.m.

Random thoughts:

- My son cracks me up sometimes. He took a small purse of mine and tried to wear it. So we made the strap shorter and put it on his like a messenger bag. He walked around very proud of it. Silly monkey.

- Having a house full of people with head colds is not fun. Neither is having a head cold.

- P. is smarter than you would think. Or at least, more observant (and smarter :) than your average bear. He took my keys today and tried to lock the door. He almost put a q-tip in his ear. He has indicated to us when he has a poopy diaper. He grabs facecloths to wipe his runny nose. He brushes his teeth (well, kind of - he does more chewing than brushing, but he does brush them himself). He tries to dress himself and has put shoes on other people. He knows how to turn on and off the phone. He says 'uuuccccck' when he touches things he's not supposed to touch (in response to our saying 'yuck, dirty!'). And he's not yet 14 months.

- I would like to not have to take a nap everyday.

- P. is snoring. Really loud.

- Still no job. I want a job.

- I want to buy these for P. and these and these for me.

- It would cost 4000$ to fly to visit L. There have to be cheaper tickets! However, their airport has the same call sign as a tv channel that I keep giggling about. Keehee.

- P. better be a good flyer. I mean as a passenger, not as an actual flying boy. However, if he could fly, I would hope he was good at it.

- My head is made of snot.

Ok... as I'm sure you're all wondering - P. and the messenger bag:




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