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Second Birthday, 2006-04-30, 5:15 p.m.

My son is two.
How crazy is that fact? He turned two on the 27th (thursday) and had a very full day. Breakfast with mommy, doctors appointment (a little over 29 pounds, 35 and a bit inches, healthy as a monkey), photo shoot, cake making and a party.
Cake making took a long time. A l-o-n-g time. In fact, I didn't make the icing. That's how long everything was taking. My parents made the icing. In total the cake and the icing took eight cake mixes, two dozen eggs, three bags of icing sugar, five food colouring bottles, three pounds of real butter and six boards(to put it on). The result? This:

It's the Bala*mory houses. We made all of them. And the work was totally worth it - seeing P.s face as we brought them to the table and he named them: "Archie castle, Hoolie house, Penny and Suzie house!!!" was fantastic. Especially since at one point I didn't think it'd work at all. But it did. And I'm so proud.

Here's the monkey playing with his toys. The little people castle and town weren't part of it all - he had those already. However, he recieved fun gifts, he enjoyed all of it, and it was a fantastic birthday.
I can't believe he's two.
Today he's not feeling well, which is scary in some ways. It's the first time he's really had a fever. Holding him in my arms I feel so like a mom. Today, two years ago we came home with him. Now it isn't home without him. He is the world for us in so many ways. He's snoring away next to me, congested and warm and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy birthday P. Thank you.




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