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16 days!!!, 2006-03-17, 7:48 p.m.

Wow. 16 days.
And my gold membership expired. So no pictures right now as I write. But it'll be back.
Patrick is sleeping next to me. He's so different when he's sleeping - he looks so peaceful and relaxed. He's an active monkey with an animated face. I think it's his eyes are what keep him looking so active - so alive! When he's sleeping, the eyes get to rest.
He's speaking in sentences now. Last night he said 'My daddy a monkey'. He loves cheesybread and asks for it by name. He and elm0 are buddies and he can laugh like Ernie. Outside is where he likes to go and throwing snowballs is really the most fun you can have ever. He's getting possessive - my chair, my bag, my shirt. Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. Always he's wonderful.
Here's a recent picture of him that doesn't look much like him. He just looks cozy in his snowsuit.

This once is much more like him - he's a stinker!!

What a monkey - he loves his 'dats (glasses) and wants to wear them everywhere he goes. He's a little movie star.
And that's it for now. More soon. More way before 16 days.




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