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Sleeping boy, 2004-11-09, 1:11 pm

I keep meaning to write an entry and then I don't. I hate how that keeps happening lately.
I had a not-birthday party on sunday with my family. Quite fun: we ate steak and cake and I got presents. A massage from the spa and belgian chocolates, plus a hand knit neck warmer and leather gloves. Wonderful gifts.
I went to a jewelry sale last night. A friend of mine, who has retired from teaching, has started making her own clay jewelry. I bought some fantastic pieces for me, mom, my sis and even my mil and have been kicking myself ever since that I did not buy more for christmas gifts. Especially at the prices. I might track down some of her stuff and pick it up, even if I will be paying more at the stores for it. It's beautiful and the fact that I know the person makes me feel that it's a little more personal. P. went with me last night and he charmed everyone. Of course. And as always.
I saw one person last night and asked if we'd met before (not a weird question - many of the people there I'd met quickly when I was at their school working with someone else when I used to go school to school and work on websites. Does that make any sense?). She wasn't sure. I asked if she had been a teacher. She said yes, but now she's a potter. I'd love to be able to say something like that - I'm a potter. I'm a professional knitter. I make and sell my own jewelry. That would be great.
P. has been developing in leaps and bounds. He goes everywhere - backwards!! He had a funny moment the other night when I put slippers on him. They have rattles on them. He was in the high chair and would forget about them, then see them, be surprised and kick his feet around checking to see if they'd come off and then checking out the sound. He was adorable. He IS adorable.
Just check him out for yourself. From todays nap:




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