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Sleep, 2005-01-12, 11:03 a.m.

Last night was hell. Pure hell.
See... we've gotten ourselves into two bad situations. The first being that I soothe P. - noone else seems to do it. He'll cry and I pick him up and he's fine. D. can't soothe him when he's that upset. The other is that P. still sleeps with us and doesn't go to sleep in his crib.
Last night he started crying when he woke up on Ds lap. D. gave me knitting time and so he kept him. And he kept crying and crying. So I left the room feeling like crap (not only could I not do anything but my knitting didn't work out either!). They joined me and D. put him in the crib and he cried and cried. And I cried.
I don't want to have him cry it out. I don't like it and I know that I can't do it. We've looked at some baby aquarium things before and giggled at them saying we didn't want one, but I picked one up today. That and some baby soothing lotion. So we're going to start a bedtime routine - or adapt ours - to include lotion, then his story, then some feeding until he's drowsy, then into the crib and have the fish and the music help lull him to sleep while we rub his belly and face.
I'm also going to start going out in the evening. I'm going to join the local C*rves (and yes, I know the politics) and go out three nights a week for a half an hour. That gives D. and P. time together consistantly. Then bath time, then the routine. That should help. P. is attached to me - perhaps to much so when it comes to being dependant. We need some independance fostering.
Past that, things are good. D. and I crave some parental time without the baby, but we're good. Our trip planning is going really well and we're finalizing a package with a travel agent for PEI. It includes:

    4 nights accommodations in a 3.5 star country Inn located in Cavendish

    Breakfast daily

    Dinner for 2 at one of Charlottetown's finest restaurants, or, a lobster

    Day at Rainbow Valley

    Tickets to the Anne of Green Gables Musical Production, Orchestra A

    Welcome gift

    P.E.I. Welcome Kit

    Island Coupon booklet, valued at over $500 in savings

We might not take the dinner, but everything else is what we want. And then we'll add in the Brackley Drive in, the beach and green gables and it's fantastic (yay, prince edward tours. Our ferry is book, as is our fredricton hotel and so there's just a few days unaccounted for. Yayness!!!

Pictures soon.

Now, naptime for P. Let's see how this goes....




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