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Sunrise... sunset, 2006-01-23, 7:07 p.m.

My little one now says elbow.
When you notice his elbow, you must kiss it.
And when you kiss one elbow, you must kiss two.
And he will kiss his own.
Well. As much as possible.
He has a vocabulary now, not just random occasional words. He can identify a baby from way across the room. He can make requests. He asks for foods, drinks, clothing. He knows all the characters on treehouse, even though we don't watch it at home, he knows elmo, he knows all the residents of bala*mory. He know everyone in the family and has nicknames for some of them. He makes jokes.
He's fun.
It's amazing sometimes, how he goes from being crazy, rocking a chair so that it nearly tips over, rocking out on drums, playing memory and giggling at the pieces and generally being crazy to sleeping, peaceful and quiet, looking so serene.
I can't believe how old he's getting. We bought pizza slices last night and he ate a bunch of mine (more than me in fact as well, I had a horrid stomach last night. But that's neither here nor there) and I realized that in a few years, we'll be buying him his own slice. And then a few years after that, we'll be buying him two slices of his own and a litre of milk. Then uni. Then sharing pizza with his little ones.
But for now, I kiss 'bows' and let him play jokes on me. And play mem-me. And watch him jump.




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