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Irritated, 2006-03-22, 7:09 p.m.

Sometimes I just feel irritated.

Ever feel like that? Like your last nerve was stretching but you had no idea why? That's how I was after work today. Just irritated. Poor D. - at one point I just looked at him and looked like I was annoyed. I wasn't. Or at least, I wasn't annoyed at him. I was just perturbed.

And of course, P. decided to help putting away the groceries. Which meant taking out everything from the bags and identifying it 'Soup', 'Milk', 'Soup', 'Towel'. And then tossing them down. And then stopping when the camera was on. And then starting again.

Ok, that last paragraph is a bit of a whine about a really cute moment. It was so very cute. But I was so irritated I just wanted to get it all put away and get into washing the dishes. How horrid is that - being so irritated you can't totally appreciate a very cute moment. Don't get me wrong - it was so very adorable and I did appreciate it. But I just .... I don't know... I just wanted to scream in general.

Bah humbug. A decent workout and I feel a bit better. And when I came home, P. just wanted mammamammamamma and I got to cuddle my little monkey, and appreciate him and his kisses and wiggles, so it's good. I think a good nights sleep will help.




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