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Yesterday, 2004-11-11, 9:30 a.m.

Top ten good things about yesterday:

1. I was able to put the mattress on the crib down all by myself (ever try to do that? It's a big board that has to be unscrewed and taken off and then put on. I ended up putting the crib on its side and attaching it that way, then putting it back up.) I then put bumper pads on it as well as a an old school style fisher price toy. It's so cute.

2. The house has been cleaned and is looking really good.

3. I got a lot done yesterday, past the mattress. I got a lot of cleaning done, I made pear babyfood, I fed P. breakfast and lunch, I finished a book, I went through Ps clothing to pick out what he doesn't wear any more, I did baby laundry, I mopped the floors and I got things ready to donate to the village of value.

4. I listened to 'Bridget Jones' Diary' twice and even got to see some of it during my excapades yesterday

5. P. and I read a few books - 'Oliva', 'Where the Wild Things Are', 'Mama and Me' and a few other board books

6. I bought a flower and it looks wonderful on the table

7. I got a card saying "You're too good to be true" on the outside, and on the inside "And too weird to be something I dreamed up".

8. A wonderful meal out at a steakhouse which included a ceasar salad for me and a sausage for D. as appatizers, a new york striploin with mushrooms and a garlic butter on the side (peppercorn sauce on the side for D), twice baked potatoes, a shirt and scallop kabab, a side of veggies (turnip, carrots, cabbage and broccoli) and three beers for D. and virgin strawberry daquiries for me. And a surprise piece of partridge pudding cake.

9. My parents babysitting and coming home to a sleeping baby that has been fed supper and given a bath and put in fuzzy pjs. That baby woke up when he heard us and watched as we ate birthday cake. Amd discussed how I receieved 'Love actually' and 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' and how D had wrapped them in wraps.

10. Yesterday was my 28th birthday!!!




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