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This is what happens when you have an issue with turning 30, 2006-11-09, 6:57 a.m.

How are you?
Any surgery lately?
Me? Well, I'm ok. In a little pain. I had my appendix out on tuesday night. The little pain is due to the painkillers - when I woke up today it was lots of pain.
I wasn't feeling well on sunday. I figured I'd had something rich to eat and that my sensitive stomach was just being cranky. It wasn't a gallbladder attack as it was lower stomach. I looked it up and found out that I should only be worried if it was just the right side of my stomach. So I went to bed with a hot water bottle and thought about how I shouldn't look things up on the web.
The next morning I woke up and it was just on the right side of my stomach. I figured I was just being suggestive and went to work. I was feeling like I need to vomit, couldn't finish my food and felt horrid. However, since my stomach has been horrid lately, I figured I just needed to suck it up and go to work. At the end of the day I could barely walk. I fell asleep around six.
So the next day I decided to stay home. The pain was still on my right side. I went to the doctor and she managed to fit me in. And then sent me right to the ER. I got there, finally got a hold of D. and talked to the resident. He inspected me and then was called away. We figured that I'd be getting surgery when they took a chest x-ray and then set up an iv. He came in and told me that it would be an open incision so I'd have a scar and that I'd be out of commission for a while. D. went home and got some stuff, got a hold of my family and set up details of driving (D. can't drive) and was there when I woke up.
The surgery itself went well. As far as I know as I was knocked out. I woke up with bruises from the heart monitors, a big bandaid on my stomach and a scary fact - my heart fluttered all through the surgery. So an ECG was ordered for wednesday and a great deal was made of my heart freaking out. I was given a private room for about two minute - when I was in recovery they told me I had one and then they had to change it. So I was put in a room with old womyn, one who wanted her pillows fluffed all the time and the other who was pretty good.
I didn't sleep much in the hospital. My IV went off at one point (started beeping a bunch), they needed to take my vitals a couple times and the lady across from me wimpered for a while, as did a guy down the hall (well, he more yelled out in pain than wimpered). It was hellish. But my heart rate returned to normal, they let me out earlier than expected and my parents have been a huge help in getting things for us and helping with P - he even stayed with them one night. I'm all stapled up, on adas0l 30s and not able to move around very well. I feel like a drama queen. And I can't lift anything.
D. is in full protector mode - he didn't want P. to go to daycare today because he wanted to take care of his family, however, he will go tomorrow. And my family will help out with my birthday celebrations (I turn 30 tomorrow - apparently my appendix had bigger issues with that than I do which is saying something). D. is in poppa bear mode all day and enjoying it a lot I think. My tinkerbell party may not be as accessorized as it was planned. But it's all good.
Well, except for the pain.
At least I know what to expect when my gallbladder comes out. Of course, I'll be prepared for that one.
Happy birthday to me.




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