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tv complaint, 2006-04-02, 8:57 p.m.

We let P. watch two tv shows - Bala*mory and Sesame $treet. Well, let is a strong word. We watch these two shows with him. Sometimes we watch another one or two - weekends sometimes means we'll put on tree*house and watch Bear*instein Bears. We keep his tv to specifically chosen and approved shows and to a minimum.
However, he knows all the characters on tree*house. He sees them on toys and can identify who they are. He sees them on tv and yells out their names. He knows them all.
How, you ask when you keep his tv to a minimum and specific shows.
Well... it's always on at the babysitters. I'd say that 95% of the time the tv is on - music is on the rest of the time. And 95% is a low estimate. One of the kids has problems with his balance and does not walk yet. Apparently he likes to sit in front of the tv and wave his hands. So it's always on. But I suspect that's not the only reason. She used to say that it was on but the kids weren't paying attention to it. Yet, if a kid isn't paying attention to it, how do they learn all the names? If tv isn't being watched a lot more than she says then how does he know the shows?
It's a small complaint, but it does bug me. And there's no way to complain it to her because she'll get defensive. And say that no one is watching it.
Bah humbug.




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