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TV Roundup, 2006-09-17, 8:13 p.m.

First, the Amazing Race starts tonight. Watch and enjoy.
Next, Canadian Idol will end tonight. I've not been watching, but I've kept track of Craig Sharpe and his journey. I don't think he'll win, but I do think he has someone looking out for him and I think I know who that is. Poor little boy and his journey - I hope he wins and stays protected for a little while longer.
Thirdly, Survivor was not the scandal exploitive horror show that the press said it would be. I think the race divisions made the groups work together more than they would otherwise because they're representing their "race" while still having the cultural divisions, given that just because you're all the same race, it doesn't mean you're all from the same decendance. And you're people competing for a million dollars. There's going to be divisions due to that no matter if you're divided into men and womyn, blue eyed and brown eyed or people who like mythbusters and those who don't (of course, chances are most people would be on the same team :).
Ok, what's happening besides tv? Work is tiring, numbers are up and I'm tired all the time. My aunt is making Patrick a a beautiful thomas the train blanket. I have a flybite on my leg and it's itchy. And I think this year is going to really be interesting.




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