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The week begins again...., 2005-09-11, 7:28 p.m.

I'm learning how hard it is to be a working mother. Or, perhaps I should clarify - a working outside the home mother.
See... it was hard being a stay at home mother, and was harder again to be a working at home mom. But now, working outside the home, while having some benefits (PAYCHEQUE!) has one major drawback.
I have no time to myself.
Yes, that's right, I have no time to myself. At least, when I could keep my eyes open, I could be by myself when I was home with P. And this summer I was spoiled as he went to the baby sitters house for a couple days a week and I worked. And now, well, no time.
Well, that's not true. I have the five minutes driving being Ds work and mine. So 10 minutes a day.
This is going to take some getting used to.

Past that, work is fine. I have some good classes and the staff is great. The duty schedule is good, my class schedule is good and I can leave at 3:30 each day. P. is adjusting nicely for the most part, which is good - there are a few issues with him in the evenings - he wants food from mommy and he wants it now. But that will pass.
Speaking of that, I've had to start wearing boob pads again. Mid morning I keep filling up in the boobage area and I'm really scared that I'm going to turn away from the board and have two circles on my shirt. It's not gotten that bad yet, but the worry is there.
Well... there are lunches to make, clothes to pick out and babies to get down to sleep. And thus the week begins again.....




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