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Two! Five!, 2005-10-05, 9:25 p.m.

Patrick knows two numbers. 'Two', which he counts with every stair and 'Five' because he gives so many high fives. Put them together and that's almost how long since I updated - 25 days.
Work is going very well. Some spats with students about marks and the like. But I'm learning and trying to make things run efficently. I like that I can borrow books from the library. I have a wonderful thumb drive. I'm learning inline frames.
I've started taking my metf**min again. I'm anticipating feeling like crap - in fact I already do. I feel like the kid in the Simpsons Krusty Kamp episode - 'My Insulin!'. We'll see how it goes. Last time I started it I lost weight. We'll see if that happens again.
This weekend I'm having a 'Me Movie' day. I'm going to go see 'In her shoes' which hopefully will be good. I'm looking forward to it more than I can say.
P. is good, D. is good, I'm good. More soon - at least in less than 25 days.




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